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Mother baiyun airport off the plane at the airport in shenzhen

Date: 2013-07-16

"no adult" little passengers arriving at guangzhou, the family found wrong to shenzhen airport pick up, the airlines will take care of small passenger five hours, until the child is safe to parents, this is a scene on China southern airlines ground services.

At about 9, 19, from taiyuan to China southern CZ3530 flight landed in guangzhou, do you have two "no adult" children, on the ground pick up personnel with the cabin attendant completes after the handover, with two little girl from the plane, fast to export, the staff to call two children of parents, respectively, about good handover the location of the child. Soon, one of the children were mom picked up, and the rest of the little girl "WenWen" has no one to pick. Staff with WenWen mother again confirm the pick up location. "We at gate B5. "I will gate in B5!" However, staff at gate B5 and found two laps, still didn't see WenWen's mother. Through communication, the staff found, WenWen mother unexpectedly in shenzhen airport.

Originally, WenWen's mother has been working in shenzhen before, only recently to guangzhou, WenWen reading in taiyuan with dad at ordinary times, holiday is to play mother side. Previously, is to let her father to shenzhen "solo", mother also accustomed to each pick up in shenzhen, this is the first time sent to guangzhou, dad didn't clear with my mother, my mother still went to the shenzhen according to the habit of running.

How many more hours to come, knowing mom WenWen somewhat depressed, but staff starting guess name, play the guessing riddles, with WenWen play clip strip, etc. 12 when 30 points in the morning, after 5 hours of waiting, WenWen mother finally arrived at baiyun airport. When leaving the airport, WenWen also to say goodbye to workers.