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'Cloud elves' jing shenzhen airport

Date: 2013-07-16

Auto show is a charmed, airplane tour is temptation my heart flies upwards! On July 16, the shenzhen airport executive hangars, embraer "feihong 300" light business jets unveiled China tour shenzhen station activities, a private jet wings QiaoLi, triggering media reporters "pike short gun" take turns "bombing".

"Feihong 300 '20 minutes to fill it up with fuel, intercontinental is 3650 km." Embraer China public relations director Zhong Chi tells a reporter, "feihong 300" because of its delicate, smooth appearance is known as "cloud fairy". There are 400 feihong series executive service users around the globe. In China, "feihong first 300" in the third quarter of this year is expected to deliver customers.

"Feihong" 300 China tour shenzhen airport activity only for 24 hours, 17 afternoon, the corporate jet flying from Hong Kong, Macao, Beijing, xi 'an, kunming and other cities to do show.