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Port of shenzhen airport opened a dedicated channel for all Chinese citizens

Date: 2013-07-13

In shenzhen baoan international airport hall, the site has been set up the boot shunt identification, can transform the serpentine channel and other facilities. The immigration department is according to the flight situation, flexible flying for entry of Chinese citizens to provide different number of a dedicated channel. Statistics show that in the first half of 2013, more than 528000 m Chinese citizens from baoan airport of entry and exit, up 14.1% from a year earlier. In the past, Chinese citizens travel or business entry when returning from abroad, there is no specific entry channel.

It is understood that their citizens is superior to the other countries of the citizen's treatment when the entry and exit, is a common international practices. Formally implemented on July 1, the exit immigration law of the People's Republic of China "regulation, condition of port, a dedicated channel to open Chinese citizens outbound entry.

According to introducing, the immigration department is currently in the opening of the shenzhen airport T3 terminal building for the scientific assessment, set up a dedicated channel Chinese citizens more reasonably and effectively, further to facilitate the entry of the Chinese people from shenzhen airport.